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Mold poses a severe health hazard that can lead to breathing problems, allergies, headaches, and even serious medical conditions that necessitate hospitalization. If you suspect mold in your house or on your property, call on Sherlock’s Home Inspections, where we offer reliable mold inspections in Fort Worth, TX.
Sherlock’s Home Inspections is a full-service firm that specializes in property inspections and indoor air testing and consultation. Our services are offered to homeowners, homebuyers, and business owners throughout the Fort Worth, TX area.
Mold testing always begins with a visual inspection of your property. During our assessment we measure the humidity and moisture inside the home. If necessary, we may utilize a thermal imaging camera to identify any moisture hidden within the structure of the home. After the visual evaluation, we extract several indoor and outdoor samples. Then the samples will be examined for mold spores by a certified laboratory.
Once we have conducted a complete inspection, you will be given a detailed report of our discoveries. If we do discover mold, our professionals will work with you to develop a mold remediation and mold removal plan.  
Based on the occurrence and severity of the mold problem, our mold removal experts either conduct a non-invasive or invasive remediation. For smaller pockets of mold, we usually opt for non-invasive treatments. For serious infestations, however, invasive measures are necessarily required.
One way to get rid of mold is through dry ice blasting, which is similar to pressure washing. Dry ice blasting is perhaps the most popular type of abatement, where our machine shoots out dry ice to dislodge the mold, at which point it evaporates. If the mold has not infiltrated your home’s structure, we can utilize other mold removal methods by wiping down and disinfecting all surfaces. The process is topped off using HEPA vacuums and air filters to eliminate mold spores, purifying the air.
When you are in need of mold evaluation for your home, you want a service that inspects every visible nook and cranny. 

Keep your home clean and healthy with our comprehensive mold assessment and removal services at Sherlock’s Home Inspections today.

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